Friday, March 13, 2015


These shoes went live on Monday (3/9/15). I am going to Coachella this year and need a pair of sandals that I don't mind getting dirty and have a boho look for all my outfits. So I added them to my cart, but contemplated on buying them. I decided to checked on the sizes for the shoes everyday. On Wednesday (3/11/15) size 9 sold out - I wasn't too worried since both my sizes were available still (size 6 or 6.5). AND THEN...yesterday on Thursday (3/12/15) the shoes were featured in Forever 21's "Beautiful Dreamer" look book and now (3/13/15)... ALL SIZES ARE SOLD OUT except 7 and 8. The shoes were live for 5 days and they are almost all gone!
Well, good thing I decided to wake up at 2am last night and purchase them before they sold out of the size I can kinda fit into since my size 6 sold out. I went to sleep with a decision to purchase in the morning if they were still available. BUT I couldn't sleep and woke up and purchased them half asleep.
They cost $27.90 which is much better than a pair of $200 Schultz gladiator sandals that are exactly the same style.


It's all about the blue boo. Blue is the perfect transition color from winter to spring. This romper is my new obsession right now.
I must admit that I like covering my arms and belly right now (effects from too many hot cheetoes and Disneyland churros). I like my rompers to be comfortable and attractive at the same time. SOOO this is off the shoulder - my favorite trend right now. I feel instantly sexy when my collarbone is visible. From the photos, the material on the item looks to be forgiving and not that clingy material that somehow makes you look 10 times larger than you (think) you are. This romper has that elastic waistband that will give some shape to my shapeless form. Also, the bell sleeves and sheer trim on the sleeves and bottom add that casual boho vibe that I'm really into right now.
However, this romper is already selling out!!! There are only size Larges available on Necessary Clothing. But I remembered seeing it on Threadscene so you might be able to get it from there! However, Necessary Clothing has it on sale for $29.99 which Threadscene is selling it for $42.00. Note to self: Threadscene marks up with items higher than competitors
I will probably be wearing this every other day this week ;)
Some Inspiration


because I'm obsessed with finding the next best thing for my closet. Forever 21 releases new items everyday onto their site, Nasty Gal releases on Tuesdays and Fridays, Elyse Walker on Wednesdays, Necessary Clothing on Tuesdays and Fridays, and so on.
I am not only looking for the next best thing, but with the best price (under $50) and fit. After working on set as a stylist for online fashion sites, EVERYTHING IS PINNED. So the way you see an item fit on the model, will NOT fit the same as on you. With these tricks in mind, I have now gained a strong understanding as too how items will fit and look off the model.
Every morning, afternoon and evening, I am refreshing my computer for the newest uploads onto various sites. I will be posting my new favorites available on site. However, get is FAST as I watch these pieces get sold out within 2-3 days. Follow my blog with Bloglovin