Friday, March 13, 2015


These shoes went live on Monday (3/9/15). I am going to Coachella this year and need a pair of sandals that I don't mind getting dirty and have a boho look for all my outfits. So I added them to my cart, but contemplated on buying them. I decided to checked on the sizes for the shoes everyday. On Wednesday (3/11/15) size 9 sold out - I wasn't too worried since both my sizes were available still (size 6 or 6.5). AND THEN...yesterday on Thursday (3/12/15) the shoes were featured in Forever 21's "Beautiful Dreamer" look book and now (3/13/15)... ALL SIZES ARE SOLD OUT except 7 and 8. The shoes were live for 5 days and they are almost all gone!
Well, good thing I decided to wake up at 2am last night and purchase them before they sold out of the size I can kinda fit into since my size 6 sold out. I went to sleep with a decision to purchase in the morning if they were still available. BUT I couldn't sleep and woke up and purchased them half asleep.
They cost $27.90 which is much better than a pair of $200 Schultz gladiator sandals that are exactly the same style.

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